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On behalf of McMaster University, the Institute on Ethics & Policy for Innovation (IEPI) is pleased to welcome Dr. Titus Divala to campus!

Dr. Divala has been awarded the Global Forum on Bioethics Research (GFBR) Fellowship, which will be hosted at IEPI. During his fellowship, Dr. Divala will be working closely with Dr. Claudia I. Emerson on the “Ethical implications of the presumption of exclusion of pregnant women in malaria clinical trials.”

Dr. Divala is a physician clinical investigator. He has a medical degree (MBBS) and MPH Epidemiology from the University of Malawi, and an MSc Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine with a specialization in clinical research from the University of Maryland. Dr. Divala is currently working in a Centre of Excellence in malaria research as an investigator on two large clinical trials and several cohort studies in malaria, HIV, maternal and child health.